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Film clip from the DVD "Ein Märchen aus Stein"

Saxon Switzerland

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains, also known as Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, are situated to the east of Dresden. This unique landscape runs from Pirna along the river Elbe to Dêcin on both sides of the border between Saxony and the Czech Republic. Steep cliffs with breathtaking views, deeply-cut gorges with clear water streams, majestic table-top mountains, bizarre rock needles, savaged, untouched woods with their remarkable fauna and flora, hiking trails for nature lovers – all that and much more the Elbe Sandstone Mountains have to offer to their visitors.

A film with Tom Pauls in the Saxon Switzerland

What is love?
... a film with Tom Pauls by Thorsten Kutschke
What is love? The tourist board knows the answer and has made a short film. Thorsten Kutschke, known to some as the bivouac of the MDR television, has directed. In the acting role of the lover slipped comedian Tom Pauls (populary known as Ilse Bähnert). At his side played Laina Schwarz.

The finished movie can be found at: (in German only)

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