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Our current restaurant tips

in summer

Enjoy culinary treats and an amazing view of the Saxon Switzerland in our legendary panorama restaurant.

Our restaurant opening times:

25th march 2016 till the end of october 2016
10.00 am to 10.30 pm panorama restaurant
till 9.00 pm warm dining

8.00 pm to 12.00 pm hotelbar in the hotel building




Great berries

Our strawberry treats!

Fresh strawberries - wether in the dessert, in the bowl or main course.
Tip: Try pork medallions with almond cream cheese on peppery strawberry or our homemade strawberry tiramisu!

Sensual moments

on our summer terrace

Enjoy the magnificent view to the Elbe and our various summer specialties, such as Ginger Sprizz, Grapefruit Sprizz, Aperol Spritz and Lillet Berry Sprizz.


Start into the schooling

The 6th august 2016 is a great day for all school starters.
We offer the children and her families to celebrate the start into the schooling with a festive lunch.
The Bastei team wishes all the best and a happy and successful school time!

Tasty creations with chanterelles

Our executive chef recommends:
Halibut au gratin with chanterelle and cheese
on vegetable lentils mix


A (late) Midsummer Night's Dream

- tangy and light as a feather -

Enjoy the fresh and tasty wine specialitys "Federweißer" and "Federrosé" from Germany together with onion cake in our summer garden!

Rump steak variations

for gourmets
from 5th till 11th September

Try the variety of culinary deliciousness around the rump steak!

Our executive chef recommends:

Rump steak with with beetroot apple salad and herbal sour cream
and a fresh draft beer Köstritzer black

Tip of the wellness oasis:
Beer bath that enhances the metabolism in the cedar wooden bathtub, with one glass of Köstritzer
- approx. 20 min - 28.00 € per person



The small gift idea for the whole year ...
Our romantic 4-course-candlelight-dinner
- Dream into the evening with a gorgeous sunset.

For other specialties from our culinary calendar please look at:

gastronomy / specials / culinary calendar

The executive chef's favorite recipe

Medallions of saxon pork
with almond cheese cover
red wine and ginger plum

Ingredients (for 2 persons):
300 g pork fillet
40 g Seeberger blanched almonds on salt
50 g of cream cheese
50 g of streaky bacon
100 g of prunes
1 ginger tuber

Cut pork fillet into medallions, wrap with bacon, season with salt and pepper and lightly braise the medallions on both sides 3 to 4 minutes.
Chop the almonds, mix it with cream cheese, spread on the medallions and
briefly cook au gratin under the grill.

Melt the butter in a pan, caramelize sugar,
halved plums admit, toss and deglaze it with red wine.
Peel the ginger, grate finely, add to the plums and let simmer syrupy.

Arrange plums and medallions au gratin
on a plate and serve it with Macaire potatoes.

Bon appetit!

Try the recipe at home.
However, you prefer the original, then we look forward to your visit.



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