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Vitality holidays in Saxony

The campaign 'Vitality holidays in Saxony', initiated of the Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen, combine excellent wellness, health and active offers which include cultural, active and family-oriented pamper moments. Due to our various wellness and active offers the Mountain Hotel Bastei belongs to the hotels of this Saxon brand.

In our wellness-oasis we provide you with several exclusive vitality health offers. Due to our excellent situation in the centre of Saxon Switzerland, directly near to the famous Malerweg, we are especially predestinated for the brand Vitality acitve. The famous combination of pamper packages and guided hiking tours, which are known as 'Experience the Bastei active', is only one of our active arrangements.

If you travel through Saxony - the cultural destination no. 1 in Germany - and combine vitality holidays and culture you will have choosen a unique experience. Vitality culture

on the homepage of the Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen

  Berghotel Bastei
01847 Lohmen/Bastei
Telefon: (03 50 24) 77 90
Telefax: (03 50 24) 77 94 81

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